Sunday, 30 October 2011


     My post about Reservations has elicited a lot more comments than I expected. Most of them were complimentary but a few were downright rude (they were not published) . I do not owe any explanations or apologies for my point of view. However, I will be damned if I do not refute the filthy accusations hurled at me.

     First and foremost, I am most certainly not a bigot with prejudices against the lower castes. My post does not have a single word which can be construed as a product of any prejudice. I ask the person who left a particularly vile comment to consult a psychiatrist. You have a serious persecution complex. 

     Secondly, I stand by each and every word in my post. Each and every post I publish is subject to intense scrutiny and constant revision before it is published. I was not ambiguous in any way. My stand on this issue was crystal clear. I reiterate it now. I find the policy of Reservation not only arbitrary and inherently discriminatory but also reprehensible. It is not that different from bonded labour. Both these practices seek to punish the descendants for the actions of their forefathers. Only one of these practices is outlawed. Go figure...

      I never represented myself as a legal expert or a political analyst. That post was a lay opinion. However, I do not appreciate my post being trivialized just because it does not use political jargon or discuss highfalutin' anthropological notions of Reservation being anti-Darwinian. I wrote that post based on my observations. I qualified my entrance exam with a score which places me at the 99th percentile but I still did not get into the  med school I wanted. I know what I am writing about. I was affected by this issue and that sure as hell entitles me to an opinion, experts be damned. 

      Finally, my conclusion in the post may not be optimistic, but it is realistic. I am not a political activist. I do not have, at my disposal, any means to change the system or any recourse, legal or otherwise, to affect that change. I have accepted it. Grudgingly, of course. I urge all the disgruntled people who left adverse comments about the concluding statements of my post to go ahead and try to come up with a way to redress this social imbalance. You have my best wishes. 

      Just don t expect me to hold my breath.

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