Sunday, 30 October 2011

Random thoughts......

     I was channel surfing at home the other day and these were the thoughts running through my mind.

     I watch TV and am bombarded by images of anorexic women with bleached faces being exalted as modern day incarnations of Aphrodite. Models or rather the generic glorified coat hangers, that walk the ramp and are called models, look emaciated and are reminiscent of drought victims from Sub Saharan Africa. They are being promoted as the epitome of beauty. Am I the only one who finds something wrong with that picture?

     MTV was about music. Now all I see are reruns of crass shows like Splitsvilla, Roadies etc.

     Whats with Cartoon Network? Can t they hire decent animators? All the shows look like they were animated by Picasso on crack..(That is NOT a compliment) The storylines are sub moronic and why o why are the shows dubbed in Telugu?

     How can people watch the unmitigated tripe that is presented as a daily serial on Telugu channels? Women in clown makeup crying half the time and mouthing the most inane dialogues. What has Telugu television devolved into?

    Ra one everywhere. I don t think there is a single product that isn t tied up with this movie...Hope the movie is atleast OK.

    Discovery and NGC dubbed in Telugu......sheesh!!!

     One Bible thumping Minister denouncing Evolution on TV.....kept looking for something to throw at the screen........What does he think? Humans crawled out of God's ---  Never mind.

     Half naked children dancing to raunchy item numbers on dance reality shows........Beyond perverse.

     Hundreds of channels....nothing worth watching......Thank God I love reading.


  1. I agree with everything in this article

  2. What does he think? Humans crawled out of God's --- ha ha Lol. should have completed the sentence.

  3. do not disrespect christianity.

  4. I meant no disrespect to christianity but i cannot countenance wilful propagation of bunkum from the pulpits.

  5. Don't you get gemini comedy???..and of course, there is always star cricket, ten cricket and neo cricket :)