Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sharath's bookshelf

      I was never into sports or any activity that involves physical exertion. I can loftily claim that reading books and other intellectual pursuits are superior to any sport and a much better use of time. It would just be a load of BS. The truth is I have the hand eye coordination of a two year old and very poor reflexes. I am also an accident prone klutz and so clumsy that I trip over a cordless phone. Add to that my monumental laziness. Needless to say, I wasn t the captain of the basketball team. Growing up, heck even during my college days, I nursed feelings of jealousy towards all those people who seemed so adroit and adept at sports.

     As my profile points out, I am a self confessed bibliophile. My love of books was probably the only thing that kept me from becoming embittered and resentful. I discovered the joy of reading when I was very young. My brother unknowingly introduced me to my first book. He brought home comics ( Chacha chowdhary and Tinkle mostly ) from his friends which stoked the overly active imagination of a budding bookworm. That was the beginning of a lifelong love for books.

      My grades at school were always better than average. I had a lot of free time as I had no extracurricular activities and all activities pertaining to the curriculum required only a portion of my time. In my free time, I raided the cupboards of my house and came across a treasure trove of books belonging to my dad. After going through my dad's collection, my uncle's collection in Kakinada was next. After that, I was reading fiction's best selling authors like there was no tomorrow.

      Reading books introduced me to worlds that exist only in an author's imagination. When I read, I am in a trance oblivious to the world around me. I don t just read, I construct every detail, every character, every minutia of the landscape in my head. I join the quests of heroes, fall in love with the heroines, defeat the villains, laugh out loud at the jokes and tear up when a character dies. I don t just read the book; I live and enjoy every moment I read.

       For this blog to be about me, a part of it has to be about books. So I give to you the very first Sharath's bookshelf post, a weekly post dedicated to my love. Next week,read my take on a fantasy classic. As always, your comments are welcome.


  1. Bookworms rule...
    can't wait for the next post

  2. Giving back eh :) You have read a lot, so you are going to give others a lot to read...nice :)