Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sharath's bookshelf - The Dresden files


       I love high fantasy and all its cliches - Chivalrous heroes who ride horses, fight with swords, rescue beautiful princesses from fearsome beasts and speak in archaic English. The Dresden files has none of these cliches. Jim Butcher's irreverent and unapologetic piece of fantasy literature is contemporary, deliciously kick ass and diametrically opposite to usual High fantasy. I still love the series.

     The USP of this series is without a doubt - the patently fallible but eminently likeable protagonist, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. The stories are told from his point of view. The narration is informal and full of laugh out loud sarcastic remarks and self deprecating humour. The storyline is a creatively crafted amalgam of fantasy and whodunit detective stories.

       The characterisation of the secondary cast is nothing less than brilliant. Every reader of this series has his or her favourite character. I personally like them all; whether it is Lieutenant Murphy or Thomas, Mouse or Bob, Mister or Michael, all of them are great. The city of Chicago which forms the stage on which this series is set is a character unto itself.

     The tone of the story is fun and light. That is what sets it apart from the rest of the series out there. It never feels heavy handed or preachy. It is pure entertainment. All the staples of fantasy fiction - vampires (there are three kinds ), werewolves, ghosts, faeries, wizards, necromancers, angels, knights among others - form various threads in the rich tapestry of the Dresden multiverse.

      This thirteen book series is a joy to read and has spawned a role playing game, a thriving online community and a shortlived TV series.( The TV series was badly produced and so given the axe.) I do not want to give out plot details but suffice it to say that time spent reading The Dresden files is time well spent.

      Read the books and tell me what you think.


  1. three types of vampires??

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