Sunday, 18 December 2011

Best of 2011 - Blog Posts

       We are in the last fortnight of the year. It is the time of the year when the top 10 lists are formulated and I want to start a tradition of my own - a tradition of posting my lists for the year's best in terms of music, books, movies and TV shows. Rating just other people's work feels a tad too condescending and immodest. So I am also putting up a list of my best and worst posts this year ( based on page views and stats ).

         The most popular post is In Memoriam - A Friend with 93 page views and counting. I don t think this is the best post I ve written but it certainly is the most heartfelt and clearly the most popular.

      The most controversial post is The Reservation Debate with diametrically opposite views being voiced by readers in the comments section. Few were downright casteist and not published. I am happy that there were people unafraid to voice opinions contrary to mine. I would like to reiterate what was published in my first post. Contrary opinions will not only be published but also be respected. Keep those comments coming.

      The most commented upon post is The Reservation Debate with 7 published and 4 unpublished comments and 58 page views and counting.

     The most humorous post, surmised by the number of lols, rofls, lmaos and hahas in the comments, is Murphy's Law and Murphy Days

        The most watched video was P.O.D. 's Youth of the Nation with 23 page views and counting.

        The least popular post was World AIDS Day. Lesson learnt people. No more PSAs on this blog. Ever.

        My choice - Best post - Matters of Religion

                My choice - Worst post - Just Wondering.... It was shoddy writing . I wrote that post at 1 AM after returning from a second show of Rockstar; I plead diminished capacity. Nevertheless, I am very proud of that post and will never take it down.

     While there were a lot of people commenting anonymously, few people commented and gave their names. Thank you for that. Dheeraj Prasanth aka Pofa had the most comments ( I have to ask, what is pofa short for? ). Shilpa Alamuri, Sruthi Dhavala and Tarun - Thank you all for commenting. All those who wish to remain Anonymous, Thank you all as well.

       Do you personally like or completely detest some of my other posts? Post your critiques in the comments section. I may not be able to blog for the next week or so; I wish you all a joyful Christmas.

     PS What do you think about the new look ? Love it? Hate it? Feel free to comment.


  1. I like your post - just wondering. My favorite post was last week's post about cricket.

  2. I like the new look. But it is not you. It is a little too dark.

  3. Christmas is a time for love and hope, so yeah, this look is a bit dark...Anyways, Pofa stands for POwer FAn :)It was my nickname during B.Tech days. I did stuff like sponsoring all tickets for Jalsa, fighting for Gemini TV when they were showing Johnny, listening to Bangaram songs one whole semester... Hence the name :)

  4. Now the blog looks festive