Friday, 30 December 2011

Best of 2011 - Movies and Music

       Continuing the theme of the previous week's posts, the following are my picks for the best movies and music of 2011. It was impossible for me to decide if one was better than the others so I haven t assigned any rankings and my picks are in no particular order.

      2011 had its share of viral songs, songs that fizzle out after the initial hype. Bhaag DK Bose and the recent Kolaveri are two that come to my mind. They are not on this list. My criteria for picking songs are a great tune, solid vocals ( not robotic auto tuned voices ), lyrics and above all else, songs that intuitively feel good.

        Let me start this list with AR Rahman's anthem Sadda Haq from the movie Rockstar. Though this was not even by a longshot, Rahman's best, it was electric, memorable, had powerful vocals and poignant lyrics. It will surely be used at protests around the country in the future.

     The song - Moves Like Jagger is well produced. Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera's vocals are funky but it is the irresistibly catchy whistling that makes this song memorable. If this song doesn t get your foot tapping, please get your ears and feet checked immediately.


         With a name like LMFAO, they clearly don t want us to take them seriously. Their Party Rock Anthem is definitely going to get you in the mood for a party. I hurt my hallux trying to learn the shuffle in this song. It's official - I can t dance.


        What happens when you put a hobbit, Marshall Mathers, a pop princess and one of the sexiest women alive together? You get this..

     Pink's Perfect is a song about accepting ourselves the way we are. A powerful message, great lyrics, an amazing video and Pink's rendition make it one of the best songs this year.

     Bruno Mars' Just the way you are is a song about love and acceptance. The simple lyrics, the upbeat tune, the feel good vibe make it seem like an instant classic.


      2011 was dominated by Adele. With everyone from Linkin Park to Glee's Lea Michele doing covers of Rolling in the deep, the song was heard everywhere. With the Billboard top song, top artist and top album honours under her belt, Adele is definitely popular and successful. It proves that over the top costumes and theatrics ( a la Lady Gaga ) are not required to make successful music.

     I have to confess that I haven t watched many movies this year. If there are movies that ought to be on the list but aren t, it is because I haven t watched them yet.

    Lets start off this list with the genre that is my personal favourite, superhero/comic book movies - there were a lot of great movies but if I had to pick favourites - Xmen First class with Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Thor with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman were the best. I can also predict next year's winners in this category - The Dark Knight rises and The Avengers....although I am also excited about the new Superman and Spiderman movies.

   This year in the Fantasy genre - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was the best movie for me. I have bittersweet memories of watching this film as it marked the end of a much loved series, I grew up reading and watching. I haven t watched the Twilight movie or the new Pirates movie but I have been told they aren t better than this movie. I can t wait for the first Hobbit movie due next year.

    In the romantic comedy genre there weren t many films - Fellow Black Swan cast mates Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis starred in the movies, No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits with identical storylines . The latter was marginally better. I haven t seen the movie New Year's Eve which boasts of a stellar cast. From the promos, it looks like a Valentine's Day like movie.

    2011 saw the coming of age of a genre - the R-rated comedy - This genre was restricted earlier to the likes of the American Pie and Euro trip movies. This year we saw Cameron Diaz's irreverent and unapologetic portrayal of a marijuana smoking teacher in the smartly written and directed Bad Teacher. We saw America's sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, showing her dark side as a nymphomaniac dentist sexually harassing her assistant, the unbelievably funny, Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses. The scene that had me rolling on the floor was the one in Hall Pass where Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis are caught on camera discussing .............something. Watch the movie and find out. Other films that I need to watch in this genre include The Hangover 2 and Bridesmaids.

      I haven t watched many drama movies this year, you know the movies that garner all the Oscar nominations. The Ides of March, Drive, The Help, Moneyball are just a few you ought to watch.

     The animated film category had great movies like Rio, Kung fu Panda 2 (the first part was a million times better), Cars 2, Tintin among others. I still have to watch Puss in Boots, Rango, Happy feet 2.

     The movies that I am sure would have made the list, if I had watched them - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ( huge fan of the books ) and Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows.

    So what do you think? Any other movies that need to be on the list ? Any movies that don't ?


  1. hallux sounds too much like

  2. @Anonymous - get your mind out of the gutter. hallux is the anatomical name for the big toe.

  3. Yeah! You have not watched the best :) Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows beats all by a good margin :)and 2012 will be awesome! Tarantino's Django Unchained & Wachowski Bros' Cloud Atlas (starring your fav Tom Hanks :)) will give a good fight to Nolan's Dark Knight Rises. Collections & budget no way, but if you ask me, Tarantino is a better movie maker any day, than Nolan, and Wachowski Bros' are a close equal. Anyways, I know what I will like the most- Guy Ritchie's The Man from U.N.C.L.E :)