Saturday, 28 July 2012

Appallingly Bad ads

     I presume the aim of advertising is to create awareness of a product amongst the consumers and convince people of the product's effectiveness. While some ad campaigns such as the Zoozoo campaign of Vodafone are innovative, most are usually vapid and vacuous at best. Some ad campaigns make us wonder if they were conceptualised by lobotomised apes. Listed below are a few ads which not only insult the intelligence of an average viewer but also confirm the existence of brain dead troglodytes among the advertising executives.
     Coming in at number eight are the ads of deodorants which when inhaled apparently turn women into raving nymphomaniacs. It was novel the first time we saw it. Really people, can t you come up with something original?

     At number seven is the ad in which two women sexually harass their boyfriends who are driving scooters while proclaiming that the scooter has bodybalance. No man would want be caught dead in the vicinity of those scooters, much less drive them. What erotic dancing has to do with fugly scooters is totally beyond me.

    At number six is an ad in which a camera crew and Lara Dutta barge into a room, confront a hapless bloke with a toothache and ask him if his toothpaste has salt in it. Bad advertising at its best.

     Next up is the unbelievably annoying Colgate Plax mouthwash ad. The exaggerated gargling in the ad sets my teeth on edge. I know I am not the only one who feels that way.

     The Vicco toothpaste ads are irritating because of the sheer number of times I had to watch that cr*p at the movies. If you are not a Vizagite who regularly watches movies at Inox, you cannot fully comprehend the aggravation this ad causes me.

     Have you seen the ads for Rajnigandha Pan masala? If you have, you don t need to be reminded of them. Such idiocy cannot be forgotten easily. If you haven t, Lucky you.

     I don t exactly know which soap ad it is but the tagline is "Samskaaravanthamaina sabbu". I would love to examine the brain of the blockhead who came up with this campaign. I think he might be the missing evolutionary link between humans and simians.

     Finally the worst ad ever made. 
     What is the first thing a man asks when his wife returns home from shopping?????
He asks her if she bought Prince phenyl. I kid you not . This was an actual ad  . I do not possess the creativity to make up stuff like that.

     What do you think of the list? Am I missing something?  Are there worse ads out there? Let me know. 


  1. What about those stupid fastrack ads???

  2. the soap is triple x soap

  3. Rajesh Alamuri28 July 2012 at 15:17

    Ambica Darbar Bathi... "Amma ni marchipolenu, Ambicani marchipolenu" anta.. :D

  4. Depends on how nice ambica was :p